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How To Do YouTube Videos SEO 2020

YouTube Videos SEO

In this digital era youtube is a 2 most visited website in the world like that only in youtube their is a creator like me and you who publish videos and share the knowledge to the Audience through Videos But you might be thinking that how i Can viral my videos organic by Youtube Seo.

YouTube Videos SEO 2020 Tips

In this article we are going to share you the tips and tricks that how you can improve your youtube video seo and get more organic traffic on it by using the basic steps ,

1. Target Keywords.

youtube videos seo
Keyword research

Before Recording a video Visit Google Trends Website and Research the Keyword which has monthly research between 1000 to 5,000 and make sure the keywords you find relate to the topic of your next youtube video, which you can implement in your Videos topic. Or You may Visit To Search youtube keywords .

2.Prepare A script .

youtube videos seo
Prepare a Script for yt videos

When you research or get you topic kewords you may procced for nxet step that is preparation for the youtube video script , Research On you Topic And analyise it and write the main topic and ready you script for shoot .

3. Create your Video.

youtube videos seo
Video Editing

Shoot your Videos And Edit it From Whatever Process And make it ready for uploding, but make sure it is Related to the Topic keywords you are targeting.this is the most important Part of youtube Videos Seo.

4. Publish your video.

youtube videos seo

Upload your video to YouTube, and create a compelling title for the video that includes the primary keywords you found in step 1. Write a decent description of your video in YouTube that explains what your video is about, and include keywords if they are relevant. Don’t worry about “stuffing” keywords in the description – just include them if they naturally fit into your writing.

Add all the keywords you found in step 1 as tags. You will need to separate keyword phrases with tags, so if you have multiple word keywords, enclose them in double-quotes.

5. Use End Screen And Cards .

Make use that you must add endscreen and card in you video which will help you to make internal linking of you videos .

6.Make Click bet Thumbnail.

You must try to make A clickbet thumbnail with Extra ordinary Words and adding some shoking or caticht image So people Can attract their And click and start playing your Videos .

By this Siple method, you can do simple SEO and make your video a great way to reach the target audience by organic Youtube videos Seo

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