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Yaatra – an Augmented Reality Game Launched in India

In Collaboration With Jio, Krikey launched the Yaatra- An Augmented Reality Game. Krikey is an Augmented Reality (AR)-based gaming company. Jio led the Series A funding round, bringing the total funding raised by Krikey to $ 22 million.

What is Yaatra?

The Yaatra action-adventure game uses the users’ phone’s camera to provide an AR-based gameplay. This gameplay involves combat and puzzle solving.

Yaatra is available for free on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store.

“Cricky inspires the Indian generation to embrace augmented reality. Our vision is to bring the best experiences to India from all over the world, and the introduction of Yatra is a step in that direction.” Akash Ambani, director of Jio, said.

Augmented reality games take users to their own world. We want all Jio and non-Jio users to experience AR through Yatra,” he added in a media statement.

How to play Yaatra?

Featuring Princess Maya, Yaatra is her journey. In the gameplay, she is banished to the woods. From where she has to find and defeat the monster king, and regain her legitimate place as a queen. You could play as Maya’s brother and take part in her journey.

Using bows and arrows, chakras, lightning bolts, and fire bolts, players can fight in different levels.

Yaatra also provides in-game collectibles and items that can be used to upgrade your skills and improve compelling gameplay. The game has been built with Google Maps and Jio has helped in raising funds for it.

The developers state that Jio users will get an exclusive access to the 3D Avatar feature and free gameplay tokens. This feature will help them with unlocking additional weapons and powers, as well as more game levels.

Players can choose to share their personalized video with their friends after completing the gameplay.

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