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Snapdragon 875 processor with 5nm technology goes into production at TSMC.

Snapdragon 875 processor

The Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) has started making a new processor.

The all new Qualcomm snapdragon 875 is the new model which is being said to become the “Heart” of the flagship mobile, by the end of this year . There won’t be any delay in the production of the mobile processors due to the COVID 19 pandemic and everything will be on schedule.

According to internet sources, the previous Snapdragon 865 Processor was also made by the TSMC. Hence, the upcoming Processor is also being produced by the same company.

The company has started making the mass production of the Snapdragon 875 Processor from last week at its Nanke 18 Factory. The newly announced Snapdragon 875 model is based on the 5nm technology process. Thus helping the company in increased production of (snapdragon 875) 5nm chipset by 10 percent i.e. by 60,000 units in a month!

And as for mass production, the factory increased its capacity with the production of X60 5G baseband which will be included within the same package. As per reports, Qualcomm provides money to the company to produce 60,00 to 10,000 5nm chipset in one month.

It is expected that the company might deliver the chipset to Qualcomm in the upcoming month of September. Although, it’s not sure when the company will start providing these to smartphone makers. This new processor will give new birth to android flagship mobile (Snapdragon 875 Phones) in the year 2021.

We are expecting the Snapdragon 875 to be released in 2021 globally, probably between Jan-March 2021.

Talking about the leaked snapdragon 875 specs :-

  • Kryo 685 CPU built on Arm v8 Cortex tech
  • Qualcomm Secure Processing Unit (SPU250)
  • Adreno 660 GPU,665 VPU
  • Adreno 1095 DPU
  • 3G/ 4G/ 5G modem –Millimeter wave (mmWave) and sub-6 GHz bands
  • Spectra 580 image-processing engine
  • External 802.11ax, 2×2 MIMO, and Bluetooth Milan
  • Snapdragon Sensors Core Technology
  • Compute Hexagon DSP with Hexagon Vector eXtensions and Hexagon Tensor Accelerator
  • Low-power audio subsystem combined with Aqstic Audio Technologies WCD9380 and WCD9385 audio codec
  • Quad-channel package-on-package (PoP) high-speed LPDDR5 SDRAM
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