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Samsung Galaxy Book Flex 2, Flex 2 5G, Galaxy Book Ion 2, Notebook Plus 2 Launched

Samsung launched three of their laptops, namely – a new generation of Samsung Galaxy Book Flex 2, Flex 2 5G, the Galaxy Book Ion 2, and the Notebook Plus 2 in the Korean market today. All of them have passed the Intel Evo certification.

All the above mentioned models have a dedicated Nvidia GeForce graphics cards and Intel 11th Gen Tiger Lake CPUs. These laptops are available in multiple configurations.

Preorders for these laptops will be available from Monday, December 21st to December 31st in South Korea and will be available from 1st January, reports Yonhap news agency.


The all new Samsung Galaxy Book Flex 2 comes with a 360° rotatable 13.3-inch/15.6-inch FHD QLED touchscreen. It is a two-in-one notebook with good performance.

The laptop has a display of 13.3 inches / 15.6 inches in length and weighs 1.16kg / 1.57kg. It has Intel’s 11th generation i5, i7 processor IrisX / MX450 (15.6 inches).

The laptops has up to 1TB SSD and up to LPDDR4X 16GB memory and a built-in 69.7Wh battery. It also has two 5W AKG stereo speakers. This laptop also supports fingerprint recognition, provides two Thunderbolt IV, USB-C, UFS slots, etc.

Other than all this, it sports a 4th generation SSD (it should be Samsung’s own product). Compared with the current 3rd generation SSD, the read speed and write speed are 1.86 times and 1.67 times higher, respectively. It also comes with a ‘smart S Pen’.

The laptop also has a built-in 13-megapixel ‘World Facing Camera’ lens above the keyboard.

The laptop is currently available in two colors – black and purple. The price for the same ranges from KRW 1.84 million (around 1.23 lakh INR) to KRW 2.83 million (around 1.89 lakh INR) depending upon the configuration.


The Galaxy Book Flex 2 5G is the first Samsung laptop to support 5G network.

The Samsung Galaxy Book Flex 2 5G is 33.7cm (13.3 inches) in length.

This laptop is available only in the ‘Royal Silver’ version, and the price is KRW 2.75 million (around 1.83 lakh INR).


The Galaxy Book Ion 2 is a high-end ultra-thin design notebook computer with a pure white body. It is 33.7cm (13.3 inches) long, 12.9mm thick, and weighs 970 g. The 15.6-inch version is 39.6cm long and supports memory and SSD expansion.

The 15.6-inch Samsung Galaxy Book Ion 2 also sports Intel’s 11th-generation Core processor. The selling price ranges from KRW 1.38 million (around 92,300 INR) and goes up to KRW 2.44 million (around 1.63 lakh INR) depending upon the configuration.


The Samsung Notebook Plus 2 is a laptop with a dot matrix keyboard. It supports memory and HDD expansion, and comes with an option to choose from the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650 TI or MX450.

The Notebook Plus 2 is 39.6cm (15.6 inches) long. It is currently is available in 2 colors – fog gray and white. There is also another ‘black knife’ version available for this. The price for the same ranges from  KRW 755,00 (around 50,000 INR) to KRW 1.94 million (around 1.29 lakh INR).

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