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Mozilla Firefox Gets Redesigned With Big Improvements

Mozilla Firefox browser has been redesigned with a list of optimizations and refreshed design elements. The new improved interface also shows a pop-up browser notifications on Firefox.

The main purpose of this new design is to provide the users a better Web browsing experience. This redesign includes an upgraded tabs interface and a much simple navigation than before. The company claims that this new update’s purpose is to bring “a safe, calm, and useful experience online” and to enable specific changes on the basis of the online habits of users. Other than providing a new experience for desktop users, Mozilla has also brought an updated Firefox for iOS and iPadOS users.

What’s new in the redesigned Mozilla Firefox?

With this redesign, Mozilla has brought a new interface for tabs on desktops. It said that since over 50 percent of people have four or more tabs open; hence they have redesigned the tabs to float neatly. This redesign lets tabs to detached from the browser and makes them look separate from the toolbar.

Mozilla also mentioned in a blog post that making the tabs detached from the toolbar, allows users to easily move, rearrange, and pull out specific tabs. There are also visual indicators, including blocking autoplay videos.

With an internal research, Mozilla found that of the 17 billion clicks people have in the Firefox browser, about 43% go to its top portion that has tabs. The organization also found that about 7% of its users in the UK have 16 or more tabs opened. Which is the very main reason for the refreshed tabs interface.

The redesigned Firefox also includes a streamlined navigation consisting of back, forward, and refresh buttons. There is also an address bar, reader mode, zoom level, and bookmark on one end. One can also see an improved settings menu with “less-cryptic” and clear labels.

The new improved interface also shows a pop-up browser notifications on Firefox. “We specifically reduced some of the frustration and re-prompting associated with getting in and out of Google Meet meetings. Thanks to this pared down interface, you can get to all your web calls and meetings with fewer clicks,” it said.

The redesigns by Mozilla are a part of Firefox 89 for desktop users. However, iOS and iPadOS users have also received an update. Apple users can now experience an improved Mozilla. This improvement cuts down the steps to search in a new tab by automatically popping up the keyboard. It also allows quick searches with the search engine logo, and improved navigation and synced tabs for better discovery.

The Android users will also get refreshed design elements such as iconography and menu items naming consistent across desktop and Firefox.

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