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MIVI Duopods M80 Review – Are these the best TWS under 3000 ?

Mivi one after another is launching TWS earphones which are better than the previous one. And their Simplistic, yet sleek design never ceases to amaze us with every single one of their design.

Recently, the said company launched their new TWS Earphone “MIVI Duopods M80” which proved to be a successful addition to their previously launched M Series.

Also these are the first MIVI DUOPODS to come with Qualcomm aptX Codec Technology, that compresses and then decompresses audio as it travels from a source device, to a receiving device, in a way that it can be transmitted over Bluetooth without damaging the quality.

We were successfull on getting our hands on this recent M series TWS Earphones of theirs and have been testing it for quite some time now. Is it worth the hype and price? Or not?

Let’s find out together.

MIVI Duopods M80’s Specifications:

Price- 2,999 INR

Brand- Mivi
Model- TEDPM80-BK
Model Name- DuoPods
Product Dimensions- 7.5 x 3.6 x 3.3 cm
Batteries- 2 Lithium Polymer batteries
Item Weight 159 g

Waterproof- IPX 4.0

Warranty- 1 Year

Colors Available- Black, Blue, White

Inside the Box:

Mivi DuoPods M80

The package consists of a pair of Duopods M80 earbuds, a charging case, a Charging Cable, a few pairs of extra eartips, a Welcome Card, a user manual, and a Warranty Card.

Built Quality:

Mivi DuoPods M80 Review

Both the case and earbuds are made of polycarbonate material. The case is capsule shaped with curved edges and is magnetic. The case has matte finish and MIVI written on the top. The inside of the case is matte too. It has 2 cutouts for placing the earbuds.

The case also has 5 LED indicators on one side of the case which indicates the battery on and a C-type Charging port on the back.

The earbuds has edgy glossy look and a flat back with MIVI logo on each of the buds. The MIVI Duopods M80 has Multi Function Touch Button (MFB) on the back and it also has an LED indicator at the end of its tip. With the angled duopods and long extended tip, they stay put in the ear quite comfortably.

The Duopods are designed such that they fit in the ear quite comfortably. They have soft silicone ear tips which are removable so that the user and put the one which fits them the best. These come with 3 different tips: small, medium and large ear tips.

The MIVI Duopods M80 are IPX4 rated, which means they are sweat resistant and are also resistant to light splashes.

Pairing Speed :

The MIVI DuoPods M80 comes with Bluetooth 5.0 and a stronger, better connection. Just remove the duopods from the charging case and they will automatically turn ON and will automatically connect to your phone(after they are paired), and viola you’re ready to go. 

Controls :

Both the earbuds have Multi Function touch Button or MFB which can be used to Activate Voice Assistant, Answer or Hang Up calls, Reject calls, Play or Pause the music and to Change the music track.

One can control these by the following means:

  • Activating Voice Assistant: Touch the MFB on either earbud 3 times to activate voice assistant.
  • Answer a Call: Touch the Multi Function Touch Button once to answer any incoming call.
  • Rejecting phone calls : Touch and hold the Multi Function Touch Button for 2 second to reject an incoming call.
  • Play/Pause : Tap the Multi Function Touch Button once to play/pause music at your convenience.
  • Next Track: When playing music, touch the MFB of right earbud twice to play the next track.
  • Previous Track : When playing music, touch the left earbuds’ Multi Function Button twice to play the previous track.

Sound Quality :

Mivi DuoPods M80 Review

We have been using these  MIVI Duopods M80 for quite some time, and we can say that the Sound Quality of the Duopods is really nice. The vocals are Clear and bass is really heavy.

Noise Cancelling :

As soon as you put these into your ear, you will notice that around 50% of the noise has been blocked.

While listening to songs on high volume with these on, one might not notice any background noises as well.

Call Quality :

The call quality of MIVI Duopods M80 is really really good. We used these to talk over the phone and our experience was really nice. Although it does not cancels out the background noises completely but it minimizes it to the level where the caller and receiver both could hear to each other’s voice quite clearly.

Battery life :

Once charged fully, the MIVI Duopods M80 lasted around 4 hours with the volume level being on 80%.

Using the case, one can charge these for 5 additional times. It took around 1.5 hrs for it to be fully charged.

The total playback time on these MIVI Duopods M80 is around 18-20 hours depending on the volume.

Worth the Price :

The MIVI Duopods M80,s build quality, look and overall sound quality is really nice. The Duopods also fits really well in the ears. The IPX4 water resistance is also a good addition.

Acoording to us, these MIVI Duopods M80s are really worth the price you’ll pay for them.

For more details you could watch our Full Review Video.

Thank You so much for reading.


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