Leaf Pods True Wireless Full Review.

Leaf Pods Review

Priced on the higher side, the Leaf Pods are True Wireless earphones by a Delhi-based organization called Leaf Studios.

With its sleek matte finish, the Leaf Pods have been successful in getting the attention.


Price : 3,999 INR
Dimension: 9 x 1 x 2 cm
Weight : Pods- 12 grams
Case- 154 grams

Model : Leaf Pods
Waterproof : IPX4; Water and Sweat Resistant
Warranty : 1 year

Inside the box:

Leaf Pods Review

The package contains a Charging Case, a pair of wireless Leaf Pods , 2 pairs of extra eartips, a USB Charging Cable, a monopod charging adapter, User Manual, Discount Coupons and Warranty Document.

Built Quality:

The Charging Case looks really beautiful and premium with its matte finish. Also, the lid of the case being translucent gives a sneak peek to the pods. Tho whole feel of the case is really fine. On opening the case, we’ll see 2 cutouts for placing the earphones, 4 indicator lights which indicates the battery level on the case, and a button with which we can control the charging of the earphones.

The Leaf pods are light, compact and have matte finish as well. They have neat Leaf branding on either of the Pods which gives it a nice touch.

The Pods are quite comfortable in the ear but without the wings are somewhat useless. Using the wings and eartips together they sit very comfortably in the ear.

Each of the Pods has a button and an LED indicator.

Pairing Speed:

The left Pod of the Leaf Pods is the first one that pairs to the device, whereas the right bud pairs to the left one. We can however use the left bud individually but not the right pod alone.

Once been paired with a device, you just have to open the case and take out the Pods. And Violá, the Leaf Pods are connected with the device.


Each of the Pods has a button on the side and an indicator. Just by clicking on the buttons one can play/pause the music, change the track, increase or decrease the volume and also handling the calls.

Sound Quality:

Leaf Pods Review

Talking about the sound quality, the Leaf Pods have a decent sound quality. The Leaf Pods help the SBC and AAC Bluetooth codecs, and have a frequency response vary of 20-20,000Hz.
The Leaf Pods have a balanced sound profile as well as deep bass and also has clear vocals, so that it gives an amazing experience with the music.

Noise Cancelling:

After using it for quite a brief amount of time, we can say that the noise cancellation on these Pods are quite effective to some level.

Although we might get some external noise while being in traffic or noisy areas. But you could overcome that by cranking up the volume a little higher.

Call Quality:

The call quality of the Leaf Pods is very clear. One can listen to very clearly using this. The caller on the other end will also be able to listen to your voice very easily.

The calls we placed over using the Leaf Pods were very clear, hassle free and to our surprise were very much unaffected with the background noise.

Battery Life:

The battery lasts for around 7.5-8 hrs on 50% volume and lasts 6.5 hrs on full volume. The Earpods Case take around 1hour 30minutes to 1hour 49minutes to be charged fully.
Also, the interesting thing is that the package provides an extra monopod charger using which we can charge one Pod at a time.

Worth the Price:

Well honestly speaking, the price of this Leaf Pods is quite high. And these days there are a lot of options to choose from in a bit lower price range too. But these Pods are really worth the price. The Built Quality, Sound Quality, the Bass, everything is really good.

So, if your budget is high then you should consider getting this.


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