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Is PUBG Mobile a Chinese app or not ? Lets Find Out..!!!

Truth behind the origin of PUBG Mobile!

PUBG Mobile

PUBG mobile is the most popular battle ground royale game, which was launched for PC in 2017. Played between 100 unknowns player, the players compete with each other and the last player standing gets the “Chicken Dinner” in this game.
But recently, the Anti-China sentiment has been on the rise within Indians as of last week’s border clash between the two neighbors which resulted in the loss of 20 Indian Soldiers.
Adding to this, the Indian Intelligence Agency listed 52 Chinese application that should be boycotted by Indians.
All this are putting gamers to question the true origin of the famous Battle Royale Game, PUBG Mobile.
Many Indian PUBG players are uninstalling the PUBG Mobile as for sentiments towards their own country.
However ,most of the players still confused. If you’r one of them than don’t worry, because here you will get to know all.

Is this actually a Chinese App?

In short the answer is YES!
But first of all you must know that PUBG for PC and PUBG Mobile are two different games.
PUBG was developed for PCs by PUBG corporation,a subsidiary of South Korean game developer Bluehole. Hence the origin of PUBG is South Korea and not China. So, if you are considering to uninstall PUBG from your PC or cosole version of the game, then you won’t be contributing anything towads the Indo-China matter.
However, later the Chinese developer made the entrance in the mobile version of the game called PUBG Mobile. The mobile game is available on both android and iOS. To get the game in Mobile version, Bluehole joined hands with Tencent which is a Chinese Game developer .
Hence, the PUBG PC and the console versions of the game are not Chinese but the Tencent make profit from the game as the company holds 11.5 % stakes in Bluehole and the rest of the earnings go to South Korea.

PUBG Mobile : Should we Uninstall it or not?

PUBG Mobile and Tencent doesn’t harm Indians in any single way. Unless in the case you play the game for hours, that might harm your eyes or health. This game is totally harmless unless you play it in right way by maintaing time period along with other activities. However , if your morale doesn’t support the game due to ongoing tensions between India and China then are free to uninstall the game.

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