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iPad Pro 2021- 5G Technology and what else???

As we all know that the new iPhone 12 models in the US support 5G mmWave technology, so is being said for the most awaited upcoming Apple product- iPad Pro 2021.

So, what new is Apple going to offer with the upcoming iPad Pro 2021 model? What new features will it have? What about the charger??!!

Let’s unravel this mystery.

What to Expect from the iPad Pro 2021 model:


There are also some rumors regarding the sizes of the iPads that we might expect for the upcoming year. Apple might release a 12.9-inch ‌iPad Pro‌ which will have a mini-LED display, and there’s also been some words going around about an 11-inch mini-LED model along with it.

New Techs:

Mini-LED is a backlighting technology, which is similar to standard LED-illuminated LCD TVs but like 50% smaller, because of which it has more LEDs and each LED illuminates a smaller portion of the screen, which makes it quite similar to an OLED display.

But because of the use of more LEDs, it results in increased brightness and higher contrast ratio, which makes it much much better.

Aside from the iPad Pro 2021, it is also possible that all the other Apple products including the new upcoming MacBooks and iMacs are might have mini LED displays.

Apart for this, the upcoming iPad Pro 2021 might get a new a14 X/Z chipset which will be 40% faster than a12 X/Z. This will result in more powerful graphics.


Well, we all are hoping to get a charger with this one here, which didn’t happened with the iPhone 12. But it will only be clear later.

Release Date:

Its been said that it is most likely that the iPad pro 2021 might be released around March,  next year, since all the recent iPads have either been released in March or October.

Thank You so much for reading.

Will be back again with more updates and news.


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