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Google Chrome will now be faster on Windows, Linux and macOS

Google is working on Chrome 92 update for its web browser Chrome which will help in improving the speed on Windows, Linux and macOS.

As reported by Windows Latest, Google will do this with the Chrome 92 update by using “back forward cache”., as per a report by Windows Latest. The feature, it already uses in its Android Chrome browser, enables instantaneous page loading when users click the “back” or “forward” buttons. The back forward cache feature caches the whole page, thus helping the web browser to restore them instantly.

Google has been testing this feature for almost 2 years. With this new feature, the previously opened pages will load faster when users click on the forward or backward button. The Chrome 92 update is supposed to make the browser on Windows, macOS and Linux faster with a default back forward cache support for Windows, macOS and Linux.

“Back-forward cache is a browser feature which improves the user experience by keeping a page alive after the user navigates away from it and reuses it for session history navigation (browser back/forward buttons, history.back(), etc) to make the navigation instant. The pages in the cache are frozen and do not run any javascript,”  Google explained in a document.

While a precise release date has not yet been determined, it’s thought Google Chrome 92 should arrive within the next few months.

As opposed to using the “Origin Trial” method to test the new service, Google is planning to roll the feature out in the coming months across desktop platforms over, which means that some desktops might get the feature sooner than others.

“We already shipped this feature for Android. We want to start experimenting with back-forward cache on desktop environments,” Google said.

This feature is quite similar to the ones that Firefox and Safari has been using for many years, across both desktop and mobile platforms, the company explained in its detailed breakdown.

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