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Digital Marketing Explained in Easy 2021

Digital Maketing


As you are knowing that the 21-century era is the Internet era the world is shifting from offline to online. Like that only the Marketing Strategy is Also Shifting From Offline Advertisement Board to the Google Ads.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is a platform that allows or help company, businessmen, and advertisers To reach their Exact Customer in a very short period of time, Digital marketing is a medium through which you can reach a very large number of audience base of diffrent type Age Group age group.

Types Of Digital Marketing .

There is a lots of type of digital marketing, some of which is more popular, such as.

1 Email Marketing
2 Content Marketing
3 SEO/ Search Engine Optimization
4 Google Ads
5 Social Media Marketing ( Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram).
6 Websites (for online presence)
7 Mobile Marketing
8 Social Media Optimization
9 Online Reputations Management
10 Analytics

And Many More

1. Email Marketing.

Digital marketing

Email marketing is one of the very old and cheapest ways of digital marketing methods and effective ways to send Your product details and marketing this to your Existing Customer and the new Coustumer also with their proper name and email address. This form will exist even in the future too, in spite of many other marketing channels, however, Email marketing is Most Preferred and used by MNC like Google, Microsoft, Ecommerce Site Like Amazon, Flipkart And etc. At Present approx 80 % of a digital marketers and big companies Prefered Email Marketing For their Business.

2. Content Marketing.

Content Marketing is a that Marketing Technique Were Good Content were Created related to the Search qurries and the product Were sold. Example :- When you search best phone under 5000 or any else prize money You get lots of Blog post related to that after reaching any post ,their you will get few product details and puchase link Of Product of all the phone .

In the blogs post content is created and the product is trying to sell from that blog post only , Many Companies Paid Lots of Money to the Those website which have lots of traffic and tell them to Create a Content about their product And try to sell them .

3. SEO/ Search Engine Optimization .

Digital marketing

Do you Know Approx 90 % of Marketing is done by the Seo only by the Target search Quarries Keyword , In this Category Ecommerce sites are at the top let me Explain how . When you search for any product such as Cloth ,Shoes ,Mobile Phone, Laptop and Many More, you start seeing Chats of Ecommerce website from where you can buy thats product, That sites are ranked on that Particular keywords only, then you must have understood what you searched for.

4. Google Ads

Digital marketing

Google Ads is a platform from where the advertiser can reach himself to the right customer and store all his details and his entire behavior is everything from billing to the Time spend and the click on their Ads By the Customer. Google Ads are shown on Google’s third-party website which is verified by the AdSense site. World 60 to 80 % website are monetized by Google Adsense only.

5 Social Media Marketing.

Digital marketing

The number of people who use the Internet in the world comes somewhere they connect from the social media site, because through social media site people connect together with their friends and family family, due to which there is a lot of traffic on all these websites. Keeping this in place, marketing is done on this site.

You must have noticed that when you use Facebook or Instagram, you see ads that are related to you, through which the customer reach to their right product and Or advertising reach its customer because a lot of people are present on social media every day. Most of the people of the world prefer to do social media marketing because there is a large audience base here.

And the rest of the marketing strategy that is left is shown on the same process and this platform, Hope you love this Article Drop your opinion In the Comment Section Below.

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