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Boat Airdopes 101 Full Review. Best TWS Under 1299 INR ?

With its beautiful simple and sleek design the Boat Airdopes 101 has been successful in turning some heads. This product is fully Made in India.

The Boat Airdopes 101 is available for purchase at a special price of ₹1299/- at Flipkart for Student Accounts. We were successful in getting our hands on this recent earphone of theirs in the Black Color.

So, if you are planning on getting your hands over this then you are at the right place. Here’s everything you need to know about these.

Let’s check out its Specifications, Features and more about this speaker:

Airdopes 101’s Specifications:

Price : 1,299 INR
Dimension : 38 x 70 x 30 mm
Weight : 7.48 Grams
Model : Airdopes 101
Warranty : 1 year
Colors Available : Black

Buy Boat Rockerz 101 here – http://fkrt.it/gy!1i5uuuN

Inside the box:

Boat Airdopes 101 review

The package consists of a pair of Airdopes 101 earbuds, a charging case, a C-type Charging Cable, two pairs of extra eartips, a thank you card, a user manual guide, a catalouge and a Warranty Card.

Built Quality:

Both the case and earbuds are made of polycarbonate material. The case is rectangular shaped with curved edges and is magnetic. The case has matte finish and Boat written on the outside. The inside of the case is matte too. It has 2 cutouts for placing the earbuds.

The case also has an LED indicator on the front which indicates the battery on the case and a USB port on the bottom for charging.

The earbuds have flat back with Boat logo on each of the buds. The Boat Airdopes 101 earbuds has Capacitive Touch Control or CTC on the back along with an LED indicator. With the angled earbuds and the ear hooks on each of them, they stay put in the ear quite comfortably.

Pairing Speed :

The Boat Airdopes 101 uses Bluetooth 5.0 technology. The Airdopes have IWP or instant wake N pair technology.
With this technology the Airdopes 101 earbuds powers on and enters connection mode as soon as one opens the charging case lid.

Although to connect to your device for the first time follow the following steps :


Take the Earbuds out of the Charging Case or to manually turn them on touch and hold the Multi Function Touch for 2 Seconds.


Both Earbuds will automatically pair with each other. They will blink for 10 seconds & automatically connect to each other.


Turn on bluetooth on your device & then scan.


Search for “boAt Airdopes 101” and pair accordingly.

Enter the password “0000” if asked for, and connect the earbuds to your device.


You may now enjoy your music or any other entertainment form factor.

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Boat Airdopes 101 review

Controls :

Both the earbuds have CTC which can be used to Activate Voice Assistant, Answer or Hang Up calls, Reject calls, Play or Pause the music and to Change the music track.

One can control these by the following means:

  • Voice Assistant: Long touch the CTC on either earbud for 2 seconds to activate the voice assistant
  •  Answer/Hang Up Call: Single tap the CTC on either earbud to answer an incoming call and once again to hang up an ongoing call
  • Reject Call: Long touch the CTC for up to 1.5 seconds to reject incoming calls
  • Play/Pause Music: Single tap on either earbud’s CTC to play or pause music
  • Next Track: When playing music, double tap the right CTC to skip to the next song
  • Previous Track: When playing music, double tap the left CTC to return to the previous song

Although the Volume cannot be controlled via Airdopes 101 earbuds and can only be adjusted via phone/media device.

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Single Earbud Usage:

Step 1: Please note that both the earbuds can be used in mono mode. Use Smart / Manual Power On for switching on the desired earbud.

Step 2: The selected earbud will automatically enter the connection mode indicated by red and blue LED flashes.

Step 3: Turn on Bluetooth on your phone/media device and search for ‘Airdopes 101’ to connect.


  • To switch to Stereo mode, simply take out the other earbud from the case. It will automatically power on and pair with the previously selected earbud, hence enabling Stereo usage.
  • You cannot skip tracks or return to the previous tracks in Mono mode.

Factory Reset:

You can perform the Factory Reset in case you face any difficulty while operating your Airdopes 101.

“NOTE: Before performing reset, clear “Airdopes 101” from pairing device history by forgetting device.

Step 1: Place both the earbuds back inside the charging case in correct orientation and close the lid.

Step 2: Take out both the earbuds from the case and triple tap on both CTCs (outside the case) to do Factory reset, which is indicated by the red LED.

Step 3: Keep them back inside the case and shut the lid; after a few seconds re-open it again.

Step 4: Once you take the earbuds out from the charging case, the Reset gets completed.

Step 5: Congratulations! Your Airdopes 101 has been reset.

Sound Quality :

We have been using these Earbuds for quite some time, and we can say that the Sound Quality of the Airdopes 101 is somewhat okay. The vocals are not crisp but you’ll find it Clear and the bass is really heavy. Although listening to the music on high volume was quite unpleasant to us.

Boat Airdopes 101 review

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Call Quality :

The call quality of Airdopes 412 is terrible. Yes! That’s right. We used these to talk over the phone and our experience was really bad. One the other end, the Voice sounds muffled. It was really tough to talk over the call using these.

Battery life :

The Boat Airdopes 101 has 650 mAh battery in the carry case and 40 mAh battery in the Earbuds.
Once charged fully, the Boat Airdopes 412 lasted around 3 hours with the volume level being on 70%.

Using the case, one can charge these for 3 additional times. It took around 1hr for it to be fully charged.

The total playback time on these Airdopes 101 is around 10-12 hours depending on the volume.

Worth the Price :

The Boat Airdopes 412’s build quality is really nice. The Airdopes also fits really well in the ears.

But the call quality is really bad. We wouldn’t recommend these if you need to talk over them on a daily basis.

The bass is really heavy, so if you are a bass lover then you’d love these. Other than the Call Quality, the overall feel of the Boat Airdopes 101 is really nice.

For more details, you could watch our Full Review Video.

You can also read our review on Boult Audio Freepods Pro.

Thank You so much for reading.


You can watch the full review video here:



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